Eventually, the creatures of the Sea began changing and crawling out of the water to explore dry land. Orza delighted in this and used his great powers to speed the process along.

It was soon discovered that, in working with the other Children as he had done with Auge, they could turn the creatures that crawled out of the ocean into animals both great and small. These began to walk, swim, crawl, fly, and run all over the realms and adapt to the differing environments around them. Some grew and gained energy from eating the plants that Orza had made, and others from eating creatures that had eaten the plants.

Low in number but longest-lived, the greatest of these creatures and the most marvelous of all creations were those that came to be known as Dragons. These spectacular creatures had features and abilities that were combinations of many individual types of animals all wrapped up into singular extraordinary beasts, and unfathomable elemental power shone in their glittering eyes. As pinnacles of evolution and lords over the realms they dwelled in, they became living manifestations of the elements they embodied.

The Children all agreed that the Dragons were the greatest achievements that their efforts had ever produced, and as such the mighty beasts were given dominion over all the wild places and creatures in the world.

All the marvelous creatures brought the gods and goddesses great joy - for the Children knew in their hearts that this was what the Plan had intended from the beginning. The creatures multiplied throughout the whole world and became numerous, and at the ends of their lives they went to sleep, and the power of life inside them joined once more with the fabric of Infinity they had been brought forth from, to rest for a time before being reborn in the form of another creature in another age.

Nazu saw the creatures that were made and jealousy flashed in his heart, especially for the magnificent Dragons that had come to be. This was primarily because he knew deep down that he was supposed to have had a very significant part of bringing them into being. That they came into existence anyway without his contribution filled him with even more contempt, bitterness, and anger than before.

During these times, he had been hard at work on his lonely kingdom. He had discovered ways to invisibly connect his realm to places within the realms his siblings were making. Most of these places were deep underground in areas forgotten or even unknown to his brothers and sisters, and the gates were so difficult to discover that no one ever knew what he was doing. Through these rifts Nazu would often creep and capture the creatures that were thriving in the world he had come to revile, though he was not yet bold enough to attempt to take any of the Dragons for fear of being discovered.

The creatures he did capture he would take back through the gates into his dark kingdom, and there subject them to his twisting powers. If one became beautiful or wondrous as a result, he would destroy it, and in the Void its life energy could not return to become one with the fabric of Infinity, but instead was harvested by Nazu himself to use in his own nefarious ways. Those that survived were often quite terrible to look upon, and the fear and pain and sorrow from being held in such a place drove them quite mad. Here creatures first began to attack and kill other creatures out of sheer anger or hatred, or even worse to experience an awful kind of pleasure derived from maliciousness - something that had never happened in the realms of Elcriss - and this unexpected change brought Nazu great amounts of horrible delight.

Outside the walls of reality there was no real concept of time, and so the lives of these creatures dragged on and on as they roamed all the great expanses of the realms of the Void, and as the ages went on their numbers grew and grew. Nazu began to have terrible, wicked plans for these creatures, which he called Daemons, but the time for such actions had not yet arrived.


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