The land of Aracardia is dominated by the Thornrock Mountains, the world’s largest range. At its heart lies the world’s tallest and most massive mountain, Titan’s Peak, which itself houses the sleeping spirit of the Earth Goddess Tera and the world’s largest single cavern, Titan’s Cave. Within this massive cavern lairs the immense Earth Dragon, Vargas.

The Thornrock Mountains also hold the world’s deepest, most extensive subterranean caverns. These include the Caverns of Vernos to the West, home of the Great Cavern Dragon Terragon, and the Smoldering Caverns to the south, which get their name from the heat and smoke that issue forth from them generated by Asgrym, an Inferno Dragon that dwells within them.

In the north of the realm lies the great Blackstone Caldera, a vast depression in the earth that supports a stunning array of natural beauty and wildlife, with such features as large geysers and hot springs that well up from deep underground. At the center of the caldera, buried beneath the volatile earth is a chamber filled with molten rock that is the lair of Yorgos, a serpentine Magma Dragon who covets gold in all its forms, especially molten…

The people that live in Aracardia are mostly Terrans and Men. The Terrans’ largest stronghold in the region is the mountain-fortress of Upperstone, though the cavern-city of Stonedale to the south holds a fairly large population as well due to its proximity to the extensive subterranean complexes of Vernos and the Smoldering Caverns, which are mined extensively for precious metals and ore.

The kingdom of Highcastle lies to the north of the realm on the rim of the Blackstone Caldera. It is a trade city ruled by Men in which they, Terrans, and Sylvaan often come together for business due to its central yet neutral location between the people and their respective realms.

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