2001 was a turning point in the evolution of my work. At this point in time I began to reach a plateau of sorts, in which the knowledge and abilities I possessed as an untrained artist allowed me to make beautiful, yet unrefined pieces of artwork. I began to realize that in order to move forward and grow as an artist, as well as keep up with the demands of the Dragons in my head to be realized in the way they were supposed to be, I would need to explore formal training.

This Dragon was a challenge to my patience and perserverance as an artist. I had decided to release my first line of limited edition sculptures, and this sculpture of Blizzard was to be the first of those pieces. The problem was, I did not have the training or the knowledge to make the molds required to replicate the piece. I decided to outsource the replication of the pieces to an outside company, who unfortunately disappointed me in the lack of quality they provided in the castings.

The pieces that were reworked and assembled went out to a talented painter for finishing, as at that time I felt my painting skills were not sufficient to color the pieces correctly. As I learned, the only way to create a piece that is in my head is for me to do all of the work. Sculpting, moldmaking, replicating, assembly, painting and finishing must all be done by me - no one else can be expected to create what is in my head for me. I realized this, and immediately enrolled in school.

The 12 limited edition pieces of this sculpture are held in private collections. This Dragon is not available for purchase.


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