Two years into the five of which I received formal instruction in sculpture, I decided to use what I had learned to take another crack at one of my favorite subjects, Blizzard the White Dragon. As you can see by comparing this piece with the one created in 2001, the studies in anatomy and technique had begun to pay off handsomely. This piece displays a much more powerful presence than any of its predecessors.

I further explored the birdlike qualities of my White Dragons in this piece - by this time the White Dragons are clearly evolving on a distinct path that continually gets closer to what the creatures look like in my mind.

This is a reverse angle shot on the Dragon. Sculpture is a challenging form of art - making a work of art in which the aesthetics of all angles in three dimensions must be considered leads to continuous problem-solving. It is impossible to hide flawed design in a three dimensional work of art.

Blizzard's profile. A Dragon's expression is the most important element to execute if the essence of the creature is to be fully captured.

The Dragon's profile from the reverse side of the main viewing angle of the piece. It is important to display these sculptures in a place where they can be viewed in the round, as every detail is rendered to the best of my ability whether it is "seen often" or not...

The creature's tail. Originally the White Dragons I made long ago had tails that ended in whips - but this was because I lacked the know-how and the skill to render the lion-like tufts of fur that grow there accurately. Learning to properly render fur and hair was a skill I picked up in my formal training.

The rendering of the bases that the Dragons stand on is as important to the integrity of the pieces as is the flawless execution of the Dragons themselves. My Dragons are interconnected with the natural environments they inhabit - so closely so that without one, the other could not exist. As such, the bases recieve the same attention to design and detail due the Dragons themsleves.

A Dragon's eyes are the windows to the fathomless depths of power it possesses. Blizzard is lord and master over all the icy crags he surveys.

As one of the first sculptures I created in which sculpting, molding, casting, assembly, painting and finishing were done entirely by my own hands, this piece was produced from those molds as a singular work of art, and the molds were destroyed. It is currently in the collection of a friend and fellow Dragon lover. As such, this piece is not available for purchase.


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