FLAME - 2005

Near the end of my formal training, I decided to look into the past and select a piece from before I went to school and remake it, to see how far my abilities had grown in the seven years I had been sculpting. I selected the Great Fire Dragon Flame as the subject of this piece. As you can see, the formal instructon was an invaluable experience for me, as it gave me tools to take my work to the next level, and cast off the restraints that bound me in my previous work.

Even as a smaller piece, the Fire Dragon still possesses a lot of power. In the near future a larger incarnation of the Great Fire Dragon should be most impressive.

A detailed shot of the creature's armored body. This piece was cast in glass-filled resin and painted with acryilcs.

Another detail of Flame's tail skimming the surface of the firey lava he routinely swims in...

As an exercise in moldmaking, this piece was replicated and cast only once, and the molds were destroyed. This incarnation of Flame is in the personal collection of Dragon Lord Studios, and is not available for purchase.


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