In the Beginning, there was only One.

Deep in the endless depths of Infinity dwelt AOZ, the Unity of All. All was One, and All was the Same. For there to be change, and for there to be meaning, all parts of the One must be divided, and allowed to act of their own free will. AOZ perceived this, and what could be if it was so, and so it began.

The Unity that is AOZ divided, and those parts divided again. From One were born Many, and the Many are the Children of AOZ. In this act, the Unity that is AOZ diminished, but the Unity of All was not completely lost. For AOZ is, was, and always shall be.

It is the Plan that the One shall be Many, but at the End of Eternity so shall the Many be reunited into One, and the Unity that is AOZ shall again be whole, and a New Beginning will be made.

This is the Way, which is the WILL OF AOZ, and through it shall Infinity be governed.


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