As these realms of the world were being forged, Gelu began to create the Realms of the Heavens to watch over the Creation and give the Children places to rest from their long labors. Vega took quite a liking to these places and began to place her lights all about them to shine down from above and shed light on all the good things that were being created below.

Nazu saw the orderly fashion in which all things were progressing and began to become agitated and bored. Many times his powers were pushed aside, as the other Children often felt uneasy letting Nazu into their projects. His powers caused many things to go awry in ways that, while sometimes spectacularly successful and better than originally planned, oftentimes resulted in a terrible mess. Of course, Nazu was pleased either way, though over time he seemed to delight more in the disasters than the triumphs, for they were far more interesting and entertaining in his eyes.

Eventually Nazu also saw that the other Children more readily accepted the guidance and aid of Gelu over his own, and began to feel jealous and scorned. For his part, Gelu began experiencing feelings of uneasiness and even some pity for his brother, but he had a difficult time understanding Nazu’s reasoning and his desires. Oftentimes it seemed Gelu forgot about Nazu entirely while wrapped up in shaping the realms to fit the natural, orderly rules that were instilled within his heart.

As the ages went by, Nazu began to have a lot of time on his hands. Feelings of rejection and anger started to manifest themselves within him. No one seemed to mind when he joined in the actual creation of Elcriss less and less, in fact things moved along in such an orderly fashion that over time everything seemed to have its own niche or place within the realms without his “interfering.”

In these early ages, Nazu often explored by himself, out of the vision of his busy brothers and sisters, and he began to discover ways to use his powers by himself that may not have ever been intended at the dawn of time. He began to invent ways to manipulate and tear at the weave of the fabric of Infinity, and in time opened rifts that led to places beyond the realms of reality. These places he began to call the Void, set in opposition to the orderly mechanisms present in the works of his brothers and sisters.

Nazu began to carve out a huge dark kingdom in the realms of nothingness, and in time began creeping in and stealing fragments of the world his siblings were working on and twisting them chaotically within his own demented realms. It became easier when he discovered that his siblings readily accepted his presence if he told them he was only there to observe, and feigned delighted interest in the projects they were working on. In reality he was indeed very interested in these things, but for reasons that were wholly his own. For within him the power of creation was not strong, but the ability to unpredictably shape things that were already made was very powerful.

Eventually Nazu began appearing to his siblings less and less, and since he no longer participated in the ways that were intended for him at the dawn of time, over the long ages his brothers and sisters began to forget about him, which as you will see was a terrible mistake.


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