In 2003 and into 2004 my skills continued to grow. I had previously sculpted quite a few Green Dragons, but this one meant so much to me, as it is the first Dragon I can truly say looked exactly like the one that had been locked inside of my mind for so long.

Green Dragons are secretive and sly, deceptive and difficult to discover as they conceal themselves in the deep wild forests of the world...

A detail shot of Grayslake's hindquarters. This piece was molded and cast in glass-filled resin. Only two castings of this sculpture exist.

Green Dragons always look at you with those eyes that make you realize they know something you don't know...

A shot from above and behind. Formal instruction aided me greatly in executing the complex detail in this piece.

A profile shot of the Dragon.

Grayslake concealing himself with one of his great wings...

Another opposite-angle shot. It is important not to skimp on any detail, for the piece must be convincing from any angle.

Detail of the Dragon's snaky neck and fin. Creating this piece in its larger form will be a real treat.

This piece exists in the form of only two castings. Both are in the collections of dear friends of mine. As such, this piece is not available for purchase.


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