Encircling the whole of the world are the vast waters of the Great Lexicon Ocean.

The fathomless waters of the ocean contain innumerable fantastic creatures and ecosystems, and provide an engine of life-giving properties that benefits the whole of the world.

Many Mordkin dwell within the ocean, but their cities are far-flung and their populations isolated.

The features and structures of the ocean are much too numerous to describe them all here, but a mention must be made of at least one place. Far to the south, beyond the Unicorn Sea in the vicinity of Nolfar the ocean drops into a fathomless ravine. On the edge of this drop into the Leviathan’s Abyss lie the remnants of what was once the greatest city the world has ever known, the Ruins of Aquasis. Here the city met its cataclysmic ending near the conclusion of the War of the Dragons. The island-kingdom sank into the sea never to be seen again, and vanishing with it were wonders of the advanced civilization that had its epicenter here.

Now, leagues below the surface of the blue waters of the Lexicon Ocean the ruins lay in their silent watery tomb. But they are not alone. The greatest of all sea serpents, Mideon the Sea Dragon, lairs here among the ruins of the city of the Ancients and guards the slumbering essence of the Water Goddess Auge.

The World of Elcriss

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