The vast realm of Iraldion is home to a varied and complex ecosystem.

To the west is a large range known as the Thunderhead Mountains, that are infamous for producing intense storms that race eastward across great plains of The Veldt that stretch for hundreds of miles to the great forests of Laurenestia.

The Thunderheads and the Veldt are wild and unpredictable places to be - there are times that the sky will be filled with beautiful white clouds like the ones that are eternally seen circling the peak of a tall mountain in the range’s interior known as Cloudhome, where the Cloud Dragon Mistral is known to dwell. Just as likely to form, though, are terrible storm clouds that race from the slopes of the mountains, often originating in the area of BlackCloud Peak where the terrifying Vortex Dragon Sharrar makes his lair.

In especially violent storms on the plains of the Veldt, this Dragon has been seen battling among the clouds with another Dragon that lives in the realm down on the Great Barrier Flats near the Unicorn Sea. The Dragon that lives on these blazing white salt flats is Salyzar, a Hail Dragon. Salyzar spends most of his time slumbering in the Crater of the Saltwyrm down on the white salt flats. When he is awoken in anger, however, the fury of the storms that he joins is intensified, due to the massive hailstones that are formed from the beating of his wings that pound down onto the plains below his flight. Oftentimes these are accompanied by terrifying cyclones that are formed by the frenzied beating of Sharrar’s great wings.

Out on the Veldt there are calm and peaceful times as well. The windswept plains are home to a magnificent number of unique creatures. These are watched over as a shepherd watches his flock by a very noble, powerful and beautiful Dragon – the Savanna Dragon Sahael, who lives in a hilly region of the otherwise flat plains in a great cavern known as the Den of Light. Northward from this place the plains get colder, and near the shore of the Sea of Frost to the north is a rather desolate region known as Coldbeach, where fewer creatures dwell and the otherwise teeming Veldt begins to take on more tundra-like qualities.

To the south of the Veldt, the Unicorn Sea is a strikingly beautiful body of water. Its magical waters house an untold number of strange and wondrous creatures, including the magnificent Coral Dragon Nagael, who makes his lair in the Coral Caverns in the Great Serpent’s Reef off the western coast of the Sea. A significant population of Mordkin dwell here on the reef as well, the undersea city of Kalran being a large center of their civilization.

South of the Thunderhead Mountains, the range tapers off into slowly rolling rocky peaks known as the Iron Hills. This region is especially rich in ore and precious metals like gold and mithryl silver, and many Terrans and Gargans live here. To the south of this region grows the Guilded Forest, named for the golden sheen of the trees that grow there and the gold that can be found on the floor of the stream beds. However this region is also known to be untamed and dangerous, and many of the creatures that inhabit it are large and aggressive predators.

To the extreme west of Iraldion, beyond the Thunderhead Mountains, stands a solitary mountain, thrust many leagues upward into the sky. This is Westspire. On this mountain lives the Twilight Dragon, Eos. This Dragon is part of the Great Cycle that brings day and night to the world. Each morning Eos alights atop the peak of the mountain and sings the Song of Morning to the East, which wakens the mighty Solar Dragon Solros that sleeps in the Temple of the Sun in the realm of Zol. Each day Solros wakens to the song that Eos sings, and flies into the sky holding a blazing sphere of light, Sol, in his fiery tail. In a great southwesterly arc the Dragon soars toward Westspire, passing over all the realms between and shedding the light of Day onto them. As the Dragon nears the peak of Westspire, he descends toward it as the light within Sol begins to wane, and at the end of the day the softly glowing orb is passed from the tail of the mighty Solar Dragon to the outstretched claws of Eos, who takes it reverently down into the depths of the mountain to places no one knows. At this, Solros plunges into the Great Lexicon Ocean in the West, just off the shore of the Sunwashed Isles. This extinguishes his golden flames, and the Night begins.

The people of Iraldion are a varied lot. There are many Men and Elgru that live in this region, governed by the capitol city of Juristan. This great city lies at the foot of the Thunderhead Mountains on the Crystal River near the deep, cold Lion’s Lake. There is a remarkable river trading system in place here – as metals and resources from the mountains and the plains are ferried down the river to the port city of Whiteshore – aptly named for its location in the Great Barrier Flats on the shore of the Unicorn Sea. From here a great number of seafaring ships take the goods all around the world. These ships are aided in making their way through danger by the beacon that burns ever brightly from the Lonely Tower on the southern peninsula, which marks a ship’s passing from the calm and gentle sea into the wild and unpredictable Great Lexicon Ocean.

In northern Iraldion is the mountain-fortress of Tarnis, a stronghold of the Gargans. Heavily fortified and immensely strong, this fortress also has access to great tunnels that lead all the way underneath the Thunderhead Mountains to their western side, where the Sylvaan port city of Shiprest lies nestled between the mountains and the calm and deep Forest of Solitude to the north.

South of the Iron Hills lies the Terran mining city of Indium. It is a rich city that gets its wealth from the abundance of gold in the Iron Hills and the Guilded Forest. However, being located in a remote and dangerous region with so much wealth at their disposal, the people here are a suspicious folk who do not associate readily with outsiders.

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