To the north lies Kryashka and its great cold tundra. Here the lonely windswept plains of the Whinn Tundra stretch for vast distances, and the landscape is bleak and gray.

To the north rises the great solitary White Mountain, home to a truly unique and spectacular creature - the Aurora Dragon Sephyrra. This Dragon is extremely active, and its powers of electromagnetism leave beautiful green and violet lights in the sky at night that look like a living painting in the heavens.

Out on the tundra there rises a circle of white standing rune stones, an ancient circle now known simply as Frosthenge. There is a Tundra Dragon that dwells here named Shiya who watches over the cold plains with a jealous heart. The power of the stones is not fully understood but it seems the Dragon draws great powers from the magic of the runes inscribed upon them.

Flowing through the heart of the tundra is the River of Ice. Though frozen on the surface its cold waters run extremely deep and swift from the Charlayan Mountains out toward the Sea of Frost. At its source lies the fortress of Yaskan, home to territorial Wolfen that roam the Charlayan Mountains.

There is a place in the south of the tundra where the River of Ice forks, and here the great stone citadel of Hoskoth rises from the icy ground. This is another stronghold of the Wolfen, who sail the Sea of Frost in their great longboats.

Across the plains to the east on the shore of the North Sea is the fishing village of Snowdell. Here there are Men that sail the North Sea in search of the myriad of valuable fish, seals, and other creatures that are used for food and trade with southern realms.

The Icewatch is a great tower with a blue flame beacon that rises up on the coast to allow ships to navigate the perilous cold sea, which is prone to massive swells and swiftly gathering, nigh-impenetrable fog.

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