The hidden realm of Mystan is an enchanting oddity in the world of Elcriss.

Here there are forests, streams, hills, meadows, marshes and swamps that contain a variety of enchanted and magical creatures found no where else in the world. The very land itself is enchanted with spells that make it very difficult for outsiders to set foot on its magical shores.

The largest feature of the realm of Mystan is the Enchanted Forest. Here there are many creatures from myth and legend that live out their days in peace and harmony here with the forest that houses them. There are several small Dragons that live in this magical place.

At the center of the forest is the Grove of Giant Mushrooms. Here among the giant mushrooms there dwells the Sylvan Dragon Zarya, as brilliantly colored as a hummingbird and just as quick.

To the west can be found the Meadow of the Fireflies in which dwells the glowing Spark Dragon Mayazar.

Traveling eastward finds the Pool of Dreaming Nymphs, where the Dew Dragon Indyria dwells among the spirits of the forest.

North of the Enchanted Forest are two more magical regions, the Slumbering Hills and the Ryokan Wood. It is eternally autumn in these realms, where everything is golden, red, brown and orange. In the rolling hills the creatures play while in Autumn’s Heart, a cavern lost in the hills, the Smolder Dragon Ryuri dreams and makes the hills hazy with his smoky breath.

South of the Enchanted Forest, the landscape makes a dramatic change. The forest becomes misty, and soon gives way to the Marsh of Lost Memories, where the Mist Dragon Nephala lairs in the Pool of Ethereal Mist.

Farther still to the south, the marsh becomes a bog, and in this sorrowful place known as Misery Mire lives the black Mire Dragon Modron.

The people that live within Mystan are as enchanted as the forest itself. Fey frolic through the Unicorn’s Grove and make their dwellings in trees and giant mushrooms throughout all the lands. They revel in starlight and seem to have not a care in the world. Nymphs take the form of willow trees and sleep near the banks of magical pools, awakening into creatures of unearthly beauty who swim and laugh and sing.

There are no great cities here. Outsiders that come to this place soon find themselves caught in an enchanted slumber from which they may or may not awaken - but if they do, they oftentimes find themselves drifting miles from shore out in the Unicorn Sea...

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