The icy realm of Galaytia is home to mythical arctic creatures of every size and description. None, however, may be more incredible, respected or feared than the Ice Dragon Aurarathor the FrostWyrm. This Dragon is said to share a direct link with the essence of the Ice God SHIA, and as such he posesses not only fearsome powers but also the proud, haughty, icy disposition and lordly presence of He who created him.

Aurarathor lairs deep within the Charlayan Mountains, in a complex series of caves known as the FrostFang Caverns. Though there are multiple entrances and exits to the miles and miles of glittering ice tunnels, there is one in particular that is of considerable size, and it is through this one that the Dragon issues forth when he wakes from slumbering on his bed of ice, snow, and frozen gems. The chamber that houses the Dragon's lair is gargantuan, and in its ceiling there are holes punched through the ice and rock that allow light from above to flood the cavern, illuminating everything in a spectacular show of glittering, shining ice and diamonds. At its center stands the Great Crystal of Ice, which houses the remainder of the sleeping essence of SHIA. Aurarathor is the Guardian of this Crystal, and in so being he is also the chief Guardian of the power that brings winter to the icy realms of the north.

One of the Great Dragons of Elcriss, Aurarathor was one of the Dragons that was instrumental in bringing about the defeat of NAZU'S forces in the fateful War of the Dragons. Many Dragons of all kinds fell to the terrible power of the Dragons of Chaos, but Aurarathor was one of the mighty Dragons that would not be defeated. It is said that even the coming of the shining Dragons of Harmony may not have been enough to throw back the onslaught of the Dark Lord if it had not been for the few Great Dragons like Aurarathor who managed to stay in the fight and work together with the Dragons Of Harmony to defeat the Dragons of Chaos.

Even so, this does not make Aurarathor a friend to any and all who would dare seek him out. His aloof and proud demeanor are an outward manifestation of the heart of Ice that lives within him. Easily angered, extremely intolerant of weakness and full of his own aura of invulnerability, he is just as likely to destroy anyone who bothers him without a thought rather than converse with them. His breath is a blizzard, his talons razor sharp blades of ice. The Dragon's touch inflicts horrible frostburn, and he can freeze most anything solid with one deadly glare from his shining blue eyes and a word of Magick uttered in the language of the Ancients. Those who live in the vicinity of the Dragon, be they Wolfen, Men, Sylvaan or Terran, are complelled to treat Aurarathor's words as though they were commands from SHIA himself... which is fitting, since the power of the God remains potent on Elcriss within the shining scales and luxurious white fur of the FrostWyrm.


Species: White (Frost) Dragon

Element: Ice

Powers: Fearless / Breath of Frost / Chilling Touch / Freezing Glare / Ice Storm / Word of Command

Sculpture size: 6 1/2" tall x 8" long x 5" wide