Each of the Children had their parts to play. Instilled in each was an innate knowledge of what was to be, which they knew came from the Plan that had been conceived by the Creator, but it was left up to each of them how to make the images in their hearts a reality.

Out of the fabric of Infinity the Children wove together the tapestry that became the World, which they called Elcriss, “The World that Is.”

Since the Children were all only parts of the One, each of them held within them certain aspects and qualities that came through in their works. Each had his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and since they were but parts of a perfect whole, none of them were perfect in and of themselves.

Although they accomplished many stunning achievements while they worked together, they also had more than a few disagreements and outright arguments, especially between those whose powers were diametrically opposed to one another. Through it all, though, the Children of AOZ generally held true to one another, for they could see that in combining their efforts they could accomplish much greater things than if they all worked independently of one another, and in their hearts and minds always they could feel the presence of the great Plan of the Creator governing the steps they took and the decisions they made...

As the ages turned, things took shape beautifully. The seas began to teem with life as Auge became cognizant of the powers within her to bring forth sea creatures and watery plants with the aid of the marvelous life-creating powers of Orza. Tera brought huge masses of land into being, and over the entirety of it raised great and wondrous ranges of majestic mountains which she filled with beautiful shining jewels, rocks, and metals.

Xorl buried himself deep underground, forming endless caverns and deep dark chasms, which he bequeathed as a gift to his sister Tera who filled them with more glittering jewels and stones. Then Xorl instilled a kind of fiery life all its own to mountains that Tera gave him in return for his gift of the Under-realms she loved. Vesu delighted in these volcanic lands, and in and around them she raced, scorching the soil into great seas of golden yellow sand.

All across the land Orza worked with his sister Tera, whom he loved dearly, to bring forth all kinds of living green things, plants and trees and mosses and ferns, and these things Zion nurtured with her powerful light. Great forests appeared across the face of the realms.

Auge worked with Aeon to bring life-sustaining water to the plants from the winds in the sky, and rivers began to flow and deep lakes appeared where the water collected on the surface of the lands.

Vesu danced across the realms, burning them where she stepped, but over time these places experienced great renewal that made them even more beautiful and lush than they had been before she ever danced upon them.

Shia’s powers made the creations of his brothers and sisters beautiful, but at a high price. Since Orza’s creations had a very difficult time growing in the areas that Shia froze, it was decided that his influence could only be used in certain areas of the world. These areas were defined, and Tera raised a high wall of imposing mountains as a barrier between the realms Shia could touch and those he could not. Shia himself was not exactly thrilled about having his role limited and became more reclusive than before, but in the realms where he employed his powers he used them to their fullest.

Mesu made the skies flash with power in beautiful displays that delighted his weary siblings and helped them forget their trials for a time, and left the ground that he struck with his fiery bolts full of shards of beautiful shining glass. Zion shone down from above with her brilliant power that illuminated the realms much brighter than the stars ever could, and her powers made the green things Orza created grow large and strong and tall.

Zora provided relief from the blazing rays of Zion’s power, and brought shade and comfort to the weary Children who slept underneath her watchful eye when they were tired. These were happy times, and the Children sang beautiful songs of joy as they worked and played in the marvelous realms that began to rise all around them.


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