The rubber mold is complete, and now a shell must be placed on it to insure it will keep its shape after the material underneath it is removed.

In this shot, a wall is built on one-half of the cured rubber mold, to facilitate building a two-part mother mold.

The first layer of the fiberglass mother mold is applied to one half of the base. It must be applied in halves, or sections, because one solid mother mold would not be able to flex to allow the rubber mold underneath it to come out. The mother mold is a rigid shell that will hold the rubber mold in the exact place it needs to be in order to get a perfect casting from it.

One half of the fiberglass mother mold is complete, and the wall is removed. Release agent is applied to the joint where the second half will meet the first half. When the second half is complete, the release agent will insure the two halves will separate instead of bonding together, which would trap the rubber mold inside the shell and be a disaster...



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