The base is cast inside of the silicone mold made at the beginning of this demonstration. This is a difficult, time consuming process. The base is a hollow form, constructed from polyester resin that must be brushed ito the mold in layers and strengthened with fiberglass. The base must be a hollow form, otherwise the already weighty sculpture would be unbearably heavy and extremely wasteful in very expensive materials.

A shot of the base being cast. The mold is placed upside down in a cardboard box to support it while it is being worked on.

The base is pulled from the silicone mold, ready to have the flashing removed and the solid bottom grafted into place.

Back to the body, which has been roto-cast and pulled from the mold, as flawless as the original (except for the seams, which are cleaned up and completely undetectable in the final piece.)



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